Materials and colours trend.

Colours and materials in the kitchen have evolved over the years and we can see that Italian kitchens are on point with this change.

Italian kitchens have recently been a lot about about marble, brass, copper, gold and metals. The new trend that is now emerging is also about materials that are timeless, easier to clean and suitable for all types of cooking.

Colour pallets are also changing with the times which means no more weakly coloured kitchens or even “too-matchy” ones. Darker colours are trending which makes sense if you want a space to feel more welcoming while some pastel colours are coming back in fashion.

Different colours have been trending in recent years. This is largely due to the influx of Italian fashion brands that have been popular all over the world.

Italian kitchen design trends are influenced by Italian design and fashion brands. In recent years, there has been a rise in popularity of rose gold, copper, metals in general, black and dark brown which can be seen on many of kitchen brands.

Italian design is famous for its style, artistry and the way it envelops the user in an atmosphere of luxury.

Italian kitchens tends to be designed to create a luxurious atmosphere for their users. They are generous in size, often combining different materials often including preciuos stone, marble, textured wood finishes and metals.

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